General services

Jobsite Inspection

CRM inspects job site inspections throughout New England. We will send a job site request list to clients and add those sites to our inspection list for the following week. We invoice clients for the actual time on site and divide travel time for the among all clients visited.

Inspection Form

Our initial focus for inspections centers on the four types of hazards that most frequently injure or kill employees: electrical, caught-in-between, struck-by and falls. Those account for roughly 80% of workplace accidents.

Safety Activity Reports

CRM can pull client data to show safety activity over a given period. We leverage field inspection reports to produce the Safety Activity Report, Safety Activity Chart, and Rate of Compliance Chart.

Written Safety Programs

CRM provides printed collateral to complement on- and off-site training. We work with our clients to create written safety policies and procedures, along with more informal training materials like our Toolbox Talks series.

Expert Witness

We can represent and testify on behalf of a client who requests our testimony to buttress their case. We’ve worked successfully with numerous law firms and have personnel available for expert witness testimony in a variety of fields. Contact Judson Ludeking for more information.

Jobsite Meetings

Our jobsite meetings include pre-construction meetings, unique onsite situations, site-specific safety plans and job hazard analyses.

Industrial Hygiene

CRM can assess and service worksite hygiene pertaining to a range of health hazards. These include lead, asbestos, arsenic, silica, organic solvents, dust and many other pollutants. In addition, we can provide respirator fit testing and noise survey services.

Accident or OSHA Inspection

CRM will respond to an accident or OSHA inspection upon request. Typical response time is an hour or less (not guaranteed) and for an extra fee the inspector can set aside all scheduled work to respond to the client’s request.

Shop Inspection

CRM can inspect any number of shops for the relevant hazards and safety issues. Those shops might include maintenance, repair, production, welding, etc. Requests should be made one week in advance, as part of the on-site inspection request list.

Mines, Quarries and Pits

CRM has personnel on staff trained in Mine Safety and Health Administration. We will tour the facility with supervising personnel and provide a written report of results and recommendations.

Employment Opportunities

We’re always on the lookout for experienced safety professionals to join our team.


Let’s Build Toward Safety

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DOT services

  • HOS – Driver Qualifications – Driver Wellness – Whistleblower protection
  • Hours of Service Training and the Drivers Daily log
  • Vehicle Inspection Repair & Maintenance
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Report & Pre-Post Trip Inspections
  • How to Handle a Roadside Inspection
  • General Securement
  • The North American Standard Out of Service Criteria