Written Safety Programs

CRM can provide you with written documents detailing safety, OSHA compliance and other common needs, customized to your unique circumstances. We will also provide a questionnaire and we can deliver the program.

Tool Box Talks

We create customized one-page Toolbox Talks on any topic you need – many clients deliver the trainings on a weekly basis and cover basic reminders, safety issues, and so on. We can also refer you to our existing library of Toolbox Talks.

Pre-Construction Checklist

For any project, CRM can assemble and attend a planning or review meeting to address questions on the work, safety processes, necessary equipment, logistics issues, and so on. These are helpful meetings for you to review all requirements for an upcoming activity for any topic.

29 CFR 1926 & 29 CFR 1910

29-CFR-1926 & 1910

We can supply you with a physical copy of the book of federal regulations for both construction and general industry upon request.

Hazard Communication Program (HAZCOM)

This program is an absolute must for all companies. CRM’s Hazard Communication Standards Program will provide you with your basic template to assemble your program. You will need to fill out the index page, insert Material Safety Data Sheets in the space provided and document employee training in HAZCOM.

Hazard Communication Training Video

This video works in conjunction with the above. Note that GHS stands for Globally Harmonized System of Hazard Communication.

New Employee Safety Orientation Video

CRM can create a custom video for your safety orientations. We’ll provide the you with a questionnaire, assemble a script, and produce the video, all based on your specific needs.

Let’s Build Toward Safety

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