At CRM Inc, we have one goal – ensuring all your employees make it home safely to their families.

Trusted by over 500 firms across the country, CRM helps keep client sites up to standardized codes, while providing solutions to overcome obstacles and cultivating an airtight culture of safety.

We understand your industry inside and out. We track shifting rules and regulations. And we make sure you have the tools to keep your workplace safe and under control. From site inspections and reporting to trainings and policy reviews, we’re here to keep you safe not just today, but into the future


We offer a wide variety of services, including:

  • Site inspections, including large construction
  • Workforce safety training and safety activity reports
  • Industrial hygiene reviews
  • Workman’s compensation review
  • DOT trainings

  • OSHA adherence
  • Self-insurance OCIP, CCIP and wrap-up
  • Expert witness
  • Risk improvement
  • Employee placement

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Judson Ludeking founded CRM, Inc. in 1984 after years of writing reports for insurance carriers detailing engineering risks, construction safety and general works liability safety. CRM quickly attracted clients by filling the gap in site inspection, trainings and safety program implementation. As the company grew, Jud expanded the workforce and developed a large footprint in the New England region. Today, CRM, Inc. serves clients in all of New England, as well as Florida, New Jersey, Georgia, Texas, Arizona, and California.

CRM has grown organically by simply meeting clients’ needs and responding to the changing work environment. For example, in the mid-1990s, New England reformed Workmans Compensation laws, prompting all kinds of organizations to seek professional consultation and assistance to ensure the complied with the new standards. Over the last decade, CRM has added industrial hygiene and a wealth of videography and trainings to its capabilities.

Despite its growth, CRM retains its flexibility and devotion to holistic, preventive safety that won over so many loyal clients. From promoting culture change to acting as expert witness to performing site inspection for jobs of all sizes, CRM remains a committed, trusted advisor for any organization seeking to improve its safety practices.


We take great pride in the hundreds of combined years of experience among our employees. Each one brings something unique and valuable to the team. Get to know a bit about each of them below:


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