Job Site Inspection

CRM provides job site inspection services throughout New England. Each week our office will fax or e-mail a job site request list to clients. Whatever sites are requested for inspection will be added to our inspection list for the following week. Clients are invoiced for the actual time on the site, with travel time for the day divided up among all of the clients seen that day. 

Job site inspections are typically unannounced. CRM can block out undesirable times such as job site meetings, etc.

Permission is first requested for site access at general contractor trailer/office.

We typically establish a rapport with site supervisor/general contractor to address the issue of subcontractor exposure to job site hazards outside of their control. 

When CRM represents multiple clients on a job site, CRM will inspect subcontractors first and then finish up with the general contractor. Giving the subcontractor the opportunity to correct any hazards that are identified.

Inspection Form


CRM's initial focus is on the to
p four areas where employees are typically injured or killed.

        Electrical          Caught in Between 
Struck By                          Falls 

Safety Activity Reports

CRM can compile your data to show the safety activity for a period of time. We can procure information from field inspection reports and enter it into a database to produce safety  reports.

  •  Safety Activity Report 
    • This report is taken from all of the field reports and compiled into one easy to read report.
  • Safety Activity Chart
    • This chart breaks down all the safety deficiencies observed by category, depicts how many there were and highlights them in red.
    • SAMPLE

  • Rate of Compliance Chart
    • This chart takes a look at the sites and will show you what percentage of deficiencies were. 
    • in the OSHA top four categories considered most dangerous to employees, and how many site visits each site had.
    • SAMPLE

Written Safety Programs

CRM has comprehensive collection of printed materials to complement on and off site training. We work with clients to create written safety policies and procedures, as well as provide more informal training materials such as our "toolbox talks" series. 

We offer Assistance with ISNET and ConstructSecure

Expert Witness

We have personnel available on request for expert witness testimony in a variety of areas. We don't bite the hand that feeds us; generally we represent a client (general contractor, subcontractor, etc.) who needs testimony to buttress their case. We have worked successfully for a number of law firms.  Please contact Judson Ludeking for further information.

Jobsite Meetings

Job site meetings to include pre-construction meetings, unique situations that occur on site, site specific safety plans, and job hazard analyses.

Industrial Hygiene

CRM can provide industrial hygiene services including personal air monitoring, area monitoring and fence line monitoring for a wide variety of health hazards such as:

  •  Lead
  • Asbestos
  • Arsenic
  • Hexavalent chromium
  • Silica
  • Organic solvents
  • Diisocyantes
  • Total and respirable dust

CRM can also provide respirator fit testing and noise survey services.

Accident or OSHA Inspection

CRM will respond to an accident or OSHA inspection upon request to CRM's home office. Typical response time is one hour or less (not guaranteed). An extra cost is incurred as the inspector sets aside all scheduled work in order to respond to a client's request.

Shop Inspection
Many clients have maintenance shops, repair shops, production facilities, welding shops, etc. that CRM can inspect as well. Given a week's notice (included on job-site request list), CRM will incorporate shop inspection with other work in the area to help control cost.

Mines, Quarries and Pits

CRM's staff includes some personnel trained in Mine Safety and Health Administration procedures and guidelines. We will tour the facility with supervising personnel and provide a written report of results and recommendations.

             OSHA 10 Hour   NFPA 70E Training
             OSHA 30 Hour   Signaling
             Respirator Training  Rigging awareness
             MSHA Training
 New employee training
             HAZCOM Training  Personal Protective Equipment
             Confined Space Training  Power Tools/Guards
             CPR/First Aid Training  Stairways and Ladders
             Fall protection
 Basic Electrical
             Scaffold use  Focus Four
             MSHA Part 48 Surface Training  Fire Protection
             Aerial and Boomlift  Ergonomics
Powered Industrial Trucks/Lulls/Forklift – Not State of MA requirements

   In addition to our standard menu of available training seminars, we can also create customized seminars. For example, CRM recently conducted a training session for clients, project managers, estimators, and general foremen. We toured a site together to teach attitudes, what CRM and OSHA look for on a job site, and how their supervision of the safety program is critical to success.


CRM will produce Customized Safety Orientation Videos for new Employees.