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Date: June 05, 2017

Contractors Risk Management is pleased to announce a new service developed for Motor Carriers who 
employ DOT regulated drivers. This serves as a resource for those who find the constant changes in regulatory compliance challenging. Contractors Risk Management can assist your Company in compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulations pertaining to DOT Driver Qualification files, and Function specific training. 

  The topics include;

  • CMV Entry Level Driver Basic Training
    • HOS – Driver Qualifications – Driver Wellness – Whistleblower protection
  • Hours of Service Training and the Drivers Daily log
  • Vehicle Inspection Repair & Maintenance
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Report & Pre-Post trip inspections
  • How to handle a roadside inspection
  • General Securement
  • The North American Standard Out of Service Criteria
   Recurrent training courses for the Haz-Mat CDL available on request include;
  • General Awareness/Familiarization
  • Haz-Mat Transportation Security Awareness
  • Haz-Mat In-Depth Security
   Specialized courses available on request include;
  • Reasonable Suspicion for Supervisors
  • CSA Basics Training
  • Distracted Defensive Driver                                                              
            Bruce Lawler
     Contractors Risk Management
     DOT Compliance & Training Specialist
     (603) 225-3335 (O)
     (603) 340-2474 (M)